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Television industry takes the necessary precautions to fight Corona Virus!

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). With the strong grip of the Corona Virus over the country, everyone is taking the right kind of precautions. Health advisories are emphasizing on maintaining hygiene. The television industry too has ensured that proper sanitization is done for each and every crew member.

We talk to actors and producers of popular shows to know how are they handling the situation individually.

Producer Benaifer Kohli (Bhabiji Ghar par Hai, Happu Ki Ultan Paltan): we should take all the precautionary measures as it is a big scare. But as I also say, the scare is for people coming through flights. Nobody here has got it on its own.  We have been taking precautions from so many days. It is compulsory for everyone to wash their hands at the entrance on the set.  We have kept sanitizers there as well. Even while going home they have to wash their hands. I really fear my workers because in this industry people are working together around the clock. Even one room has at least 30 or more people.  

Producer Amir Jaffar (Qurbaan Hua, Tujh Se Hai Rabaata)
 –  We have got IR thermometers on set. Before the shoot starts, we take everyone’s temperature and before leaving. There are extra soap dispensers on the sets now to ensure everyone washes their hands and if we see that someone is unwell, we are giving them paid leaves. We don’t want anyone to worry about pay cut and not take a sick leave because of it. I will also get masks for everyone. If we are seeing anyone unwell, we are asking them to take leave. We are also supplying tea a lot more because it is being discussed that having warm water and tea is a preventative measure. We are also taking care of food hygiene and making sure it’s well cooked. There also used to be non vegetarian food, but these days for 2 weeks we will be only serving vegetarian food and ensuring it is well cooked.

Producer Rajan Shahi  (Ye Ristha Kya Kehlata Hai, Ye Risthe Hai Pyar Ke, Anupamaa)
” In all my shows set safety of cast and crew is of utmost importance. We are strictly following the guidelines…we have provided masks and sanitizers on the set. We are not letting any visitors enter without permission. Leaves are sanctioned to anyone who is unwell. We have ensured no one smokes on the set. Proper hygiene is taken care of. I have asked the team not to panic. We are being careful in all departments, so the operations are smooth.

Producer Mahesh Pandey (Vidya)  –
 We have ensured That sets are all cleaned up and everyone wears a mask on the set. We have ordered masks for everyone and given the staff sanitizers and there are soaps on sets too. Everyone is advised to wash their hands in some time. There is a doctor who is called on set for a check-up. Anyone who has been feeling a little under the weather has been asked to take off and we haven’t cut any salaries for this. Everyone has the right to get healthy and be treated well without any financial stress

Kunal Thakur- Corona has pretty much-brought our life to a standstill. People are buying masks, hand sanitizers, canceling their plans and trips. I have made some simple lifestyle change to save myself from this fatal virus. Specifically, avoid touching objects outside of my home and not going out unless it is really needed.  I am shooting and the set environment is peaceful and the production house is taking utmost precautions.

Sharad Malhotra:
 Now declared a pandemic by WHO, we individually should take adequate measures to prevent the spread of this deadly virus any further. Washing of hands, avoiding handshakes, keep sipping on some warm liquids,  avoid crowded areas and also postpone overseas trips unless very critical are some of the basic safety norms that we need to follow in order to stay safe and healthy. It’s a global threat to the human species and we need to collectively fight to eradicate it from the face of our planet as soon as possible. I am not shooting but being very careful while traveling even around my area or for meetings.

Amrita Prakash: 
I’m petrified and am trying to be as cautious as I can about the Corona Virus spread. I don’t think this is a faux ‘scare’ and I believe it is everyone’s individual responsibility to take precautions, so we can help contain the spread. Unfortunately, no matter how many schools, colleges, and offices shut down- shoots will not be stopped. Cast and crew will are exposing themselves to great risks because we cannot avoid the interactions. All actors have multiple people touching their faces and hair. I am trying to take precautions in multiple ways – I sanitise every hour and ensure my makeup and hairdressing team does the same. Because those are the closest physical interactions. We are trying to incorporate the habit of doing namaste instead of shaking hands. And I am making sure I only use my own makeup and not share any brushes or makeup appliances. I am also trying to ensure I preach the importance of self-preservation to everyone. Because this virus is not a myth.

Vijyendra Kumeria:
 Everyone on the sets in alert and taking the precautionary measures. While the show must go on, everyone’s health is very important.
It’s heartening to see that the production house has gone all out to ensure that everyone on the sets is safe. They have distributed masks among the cast and crew. Proper sanitization is being ensured on the sets. If there is anyone sneezing or coughing, they are being sent home for proper medication and treatment. The production house is also taking care of the medical expenses. Even the people on sets are careful about not shaking hands, washing hands infrequent intervals.  

Parull Chaudhury-
 The coronavirus is affecting our lives and how! everyone on the sets right from the spot boy to the hairdresser are wearing masks. I’m definitely avoiding malls, and theatre at the moment. Prevention is better than cure, so I’m having warm water frequently, warm food and having vitamins to improve immunity. Read about Tom Hanks, it is so unfortunate. As actors who shoot for daily shows, we don’t have a choice of working from home, unlike corporates who work from the comfort of their home. Some of the film shoots have stalled their schedule. We actors of daily soaps are most susceptible, as we work in confined places with hundreds of people around.

Ridheema Tiwari: 
Every decade or so mother nature tests our immunity and our resilience. This time it is with the Coronavirus, that has swept across China like a storm and is making many people sick and is proving to be fatal in certain cases. Keeping myself healthy and keeping my immunity strong has been a priority for me always. I eat lots of veggies and fruits, exercise, drink plenty of warm fluids, wash my hands often and most importantly see an Immunology Super specialist, who gives me my timely seasonal vaccines and also puts me on an Immune Detox Diet along with Immune Boosting Natural Supplements. All of this is necessary since the Coronavirus is mostly affecting those with weak immune systems like heart patients, diabetics and those above the age of 55 years.

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