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Celebrities talk about World AIDS Day!

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). This World AIDS day, TV actors talk about what celebrities must do to spread AIDS awareness.

Rohitashv Gour: AIDS is a harmful disease that has no cure. The best way to prevent it is to create awareness and take precautionary measures. We have to enlighten illiterate people who don’t understand and unknowingly fall prey to it and then live with it. If awareness won’t be there then it will be a big threat to society. When celebrities talk about it, the audiences pay attention to it and consider their word because they like to see them onscreen. I urge people to educate the masses and help people. 

Arun Mandola: If celebrities will do these types of important campaigns, then surely it will make a good impact on our society. Life is very important for everyone and a single mistake can take you to death. The best way to do this is by organising events and posting on social media platforms. 

Anupam Bhattacharya: Since there is no effective vaccination available, AIDS is a disease that can only be tackled only with awareness. Since celebrities in all mediums, films, television or digital have a huge following nowadays, therefore, it definitely helps bring focus on the matter.

Vijayendra Kumeria: When celebrities do awareness campaigns, people do understand the gravity of the issue. Fans always follow and spread what their favourite celebrities say and do. That’s the reason celebrities are involved in such campaigns and are made the face of the campaign. So that the reach increases.

Karuna Pandey: I definitely feel that celebrities doing awareness campaigns make a better impact on the public because I think people really look up to celebrities and relate to them more than they relate to anyone else in the whole society. Half of the population idealizes their favourite celebs. I really think that more and more celebs must talk about AIDS awareness and urge people to be safe and take precautionary measures. 

Shweta Rohira: When celebrities promote campaigns, it makes a strong impact on the public because somewhere fans look up to their favourite celebs, follow them and hear them well.

Pooja Pihal: Talking about AIDS creates an impact just like everything else celebrities promote. When a loved celebrity talks about any issue, people listen to it carefully and try to follow as they idolise their stars.

Ansh Bagri: Talking openly about AIDS can make a difference. So if all the public figures talk more about it, then it would be really helpful as awareness is the only way to fight this disease. 

Ankit Bathla: Well, yes, being a celebrity or anybody, who is a public figure, gives you an edge over others because people look up to you as a role model. And when you propagate something which really matters, people listen to you. And I think it’s a great initiative to let celebrities or people who are in power, who are public figures, to make an effort about things which are important for humanity. World AIDS Day is definitely a chance when we should reach out to everyone. And I think, more importantly, it should be about how to be with someone who has AIDS. It’s not really communicable, unless there’s physical contact, so people should understand that it’s very important not to disregard people with AIDS. I support an NGO which has an orphanage that has kids who have been, thrown out of their families because they have HIV or AIDS. And I think it is so important to tell those families that you don’t really have to throw your kid, but be more patient and take care of him.

Rehaan Roy: AIDS is one of the most dreadful diseases and staying safe and taking precautions can really save people from this disease. Celebrities are influential people and as an influencer, I strongly believe celebrities should definitely take part in AIDS awareness campaigns. If celebrities can promote commercial brands then why not devote our energy on such an important social cause.

Aastha Chaudhary: It was a taboo and people were actually afraid to even take the name. We don’t have a cure but yes the treatment is so much advanced that I know people who live a healthy life. Social awareness is very important and I feel celebrities should take part in such campaigns especially in the rural areas.  


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