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Vedant Nagpal: Acatalepsy releases music video for the breakup anthem – Losing Interest!

Vedant Nagpal/Acatalepsy releases music video for the breakup anthem – Losing Interest on YouTube !
Losing Interest – Acatalepsy (Music Video)
Vedant Nagpal, Aartii Nagpal’s son, going by the artist name Acatalepsy has just released his new music video for his hip hop song – Losing Interest under his home production house AKS Studios, which shows the whimsical mind of the new generation in relationships. It’s a deeply layered concept, with the end left to the viewers understanding. 
It is a 2 part music video, first one is his song called Memories (, where he shares his intimate memories with his partner, and co-star Divija Gambhir, entirely shot on a handycam, giving a very home video feeling. This then takes us to the current situation, in which he feels she is losing interest, but is so confused if everything he is experiencing is something that he has imagined or is it the reality? This is what modern relationships have come to, with both the partners doubting each other, just because of either their past experiences or movies/tv shows or their peers experiences. It is an extremely gripping video, which will surely make you want to rewatch it over and over again! The chemistry between both of them makes it seem so real, you almost won’t believe that they aren’t together in real life. 
Aartii Naagpal organised the music video release event in collaboration with Club Illusion – Level – 1 for her Son Vedant Nagpal.A close group of friends and family were present keeping in mind all the precautionary measures for COVID;Rahul Shukla (Midday C.E.O ) Deepshikha Nagpal, Priyanshi Nagpal, Vidhika Nagpal, Vivaan Nagpal, Divija Gambhir (the female lead in the music video), D.O.P Abhinav Om Prakash,Pramod Shinde ,Vishal SharmaVicky Hamid ,Sanjay ChawlaAnkit Choudhary ( team illusion ) Payal Malhotra, Rahul malhotra, Manav Sharma. 
His album Not Alright Deluxe is set to release on 6th February! Definitely hear this one, with his deeply personal and emotional lyrics with his story telling skills and his beautiful melodies, it will surely put you in an altered state of mind.

Production House – AKS Studios
Director and Editor – Vedant Nagpal
Starring – Vedant Nagpal, Divija Gambhir
DOP – Abhinav Om Prakash
Colour Correction/D.I. – Vedant Nagpal
Styling – Priyanshi Nagpal
Chief Associate Director – Aartii Naagpal
Assistant director -Vidhika Nagpal, Trish Thakur
Music – Acatalepsy
Written – Vedant Nagpal
Background Dialogue – Anushka Madan
Special thanks to Deepshikha Nagpal

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