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Spiritual leader Amiben Modi urges everyone to take care of the environment: I’m a strong believer of planting trees and saving water

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). Amiben Modi says we should never forget we all are a part of the environment and that every good and bad effect on the environment will extend to us. The spiritual healer also adds that last year and even in 2021, we’ve realised the relevance of clean air and oxygen more than ever.
“I am a strong believer of planting trees and saving water. It’s extremely necessary to check the taps before sleeping and leaving the house. We all know how greenery adds to the beauty and also saves lives, so let us all plant more trees. Lastly, and the most important, please do not litter. Littering is the worst thing to do as a civilian, as well as a resident of the earth,” she talks about the ways one can take care of the environment.
She continues, “As we all know plants are oxygen creators and they absorb harmful gas such as carbon dioxide hence keeping them around lead means fresh air and healthy atmosphere. Having plants like tulsi, neem, aloe vera etc have a lot of health benefits. These plants have medicinal properties. Not many know that apart from being auspicious, tulsi acts as a mosquito repellent too.”
Amiben feels that availability of resources have led to a lot of hoarding and wastage. “In the past, people used to survive with the minimum and on items they could find around them, in nature. Now we buy comfort with money and use foreign goods. I think it’s time we exercise caution, prefer local and fresh items for good health, choose eco-friendly items and most of all each generation must learn to give back to Mother Earth in the form of planting more trees, water conservation and less pollution to keep the world beautiful for upcoming generations,” adds AMiben, who has extensive knowledge on Astrology, Vastu Shastra, Face Reading, Vedic Puja and Havan.

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