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People first doubt me because of my age, says Youngest Reiki healer and Tarot Card reader, Ayush Gupta

Ayush Gupta
Youngest Reiki healer and Tarot Card reader, Ayush Gupta

It’s difficult to meet a 17-year-old who is a Reiki healer and even a tarot card reader. But here is Ayush Gupta, who has successfully mastered the art. This young boy has his name added in the World Records as the “Youngest Reiki Healer of India”. And not just that he even healed a COVID-19 patient with accelerated treatment and healing.

He comes from a business class background, but even at the young age of seven he felt connected to energies. So, his father introduced him to Reiki. He said, “In 2014 my father, Mr. Kashi Prasad Gupta, introduced me to the concept of Reiki. He told me everything about Reiki and its benefits, which attracted me more towards this beautiful world of energies.”

When asked about his guru and his inspiration, he said, “I did the Reiki Method of Natural Healing under the mentorship of Mr. Devank Shukla, Reiki Grandmaster at Vishwa Reiki Sansthan, Pune, Maharashtra. He and my father are my inspiration and they have always motivated and encouraged me.”

He said that because of his age, people sometimes doubt his abilities, but seeing positive results changes their mentality.  

I work with energies. When I interact with someone I get to know about their aura and vibes. Sometimes it happens that people doubt me because of my age, they think how a small kid can do Reiki and solve major issues. But when I start healing their problems and they start seeing the improvements, they feel that the energies are healing their problem, that’s when they change their mind set about me. Reiki Grandmaster says that age doesn’t matter in Reiki, a healer should just have a positive aura, good intentions and positive vibes of healing someone’s problem.”

Ayush Gupta

Ayush even shared his experience of healing a positive COVID case. He said, “Mumbai-based Laxmi Bhandari, who is pregnant, was tested positive for the coronavirus on April 29, but with twelve healing sessions she was absolutely fine by May 11. Laxmi Ji consulted me on May 2nd, and we conducted around twelve sessions. She was in her fourth month of pregnancy and by God’s grace, the energy healing worked. By May 11, she was having no symptoms of the coronavirus when tested in the hospital. She was in self-quarantine for 14 days, and now Laxmi Ji and her baby are now doing pretty good.”

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