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Naresh Sonee Sohum Sutra…. Worship Universe Brahmand Pujan Music Song!

Mumbai. “Worship Universe” is the first “Universal Anthem” of the Universe in Global History; founded, directed and produced by Naresh Sonee Sohum Sutra (India).
This music song / track is novel and one of its kind. The reason is : This song has ‘sacred signature chants mantras’ of 9 different (prominent -renowned ) religions of the world.
“Om” means “All / Entire / Every Thing” or “Universe”
“Brahmand” is a Sanskrit/Hindi word. Which means “Universe”
“Brahmandaya Namah” means “Universe i bow and surrender to you” .
This chant is the breath signature mantra of “Naresh Sonee Sohum Sutra”. His conscience had created this mantra in 1980s. This means “absolete surrender” to the Universe.
“Sohum” also is a Sanskrit/Hindi word. It means “Universe”.
“Sutra” is a Sanskrit/Hindi word means thread/connect. “Sohum Sutra” means “Connected to Universe” . Naresh Sonee believes Space/Time/Universe are Trinity and interconnected.
Music : Devrath Sharma
Singer : Devrath Sharma
Singer : Puja Basnet
Voice Over : Atul Kapoor (BB)
Voice Over : Vishvaraj
Lyrics : Naresh Sonee
Script : Naresh Sonee
Director : Naresh Sonee
Recordings : Alka Yagnik Studio
Producer : PRESENT Entertainers (NIW)
Brahmand Pujan Music Song….

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