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Himansh Kohli : No Motive to Fight Nepotism

Yaariyan Actor : Himansh Kohli

The nepotism debate doesn’t seem to stop now. While many take it as a conspiracy against the outsiders, there are some who believe that it’s a very normal human behaviour. “Yaariyan” fame actor Himansh Kohli says he has no motive of fighting against it, however, adds that everyone should get an equal opportunity too.

He admits that good skills always outshine a good referral and said, “I have no motive to fight against nepotism, and it exists everywhere in the world, in every field. But, I would urge all employers to give an honest chance to new talent and people you’ve not worked with before. This would ensure others get an equal chance too. While sources and connections do play an important role, like in every profession, but, your skills are more important than anything else.”

“Good work beats good referral any day. It can be disheartening to think about a project, its character for months, and then lose it. But, highs and lows come in everyone’s life. Some of my projects worked, some didn’t. It doesn’t mean my journey has ended,” Himansh Kohli added.

Himansh admits that nepotism exists, but it’s not just in Bollywood. He said, “Yes, it does exist, we can’t deny the fact. But, I don’t understand why make such a fuss about it? A lawyer wants their kids to become a lawyer, a doctor wants them to become a doctor and a businessman wants his kids to continue with his business. Movie stars who have worked for decades building a name want it too. Don’t we all want our children not to suffer or struggle like we did? What’s wrong with it?”

Talking about his journey in the industry, he said, “I’m a Delhi boy from Lajpat Nagar with no connections in the industry. I rose through TV and then came to movies. I remember when I got selected for ‘Yaariyan’, there were a lot of star kids in the queue, but I got a chance to be the male protagonist. Yes, I understand a lot of people say that I’m not doing a lot of films. But, in every profession there’s a struggle phase and a star phase. The good thing is that none of them is permanent.”

He went on to cite examples of actors like Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar who were an outsider once upon a time, but made a name for themselves based on their abilities.  

“It took a lot of time for stars like Akshay Kumar, Shahrukh Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Pankaj Tripathi, Rajkummar Rao, Ayushmann Khurrana and Kartik Aryan to be where they are and it was not an overnight journey. None of them are star kids and everyone made a name for themselves on their own,” he said.

Himansh Kohli made his acting debut with Channel V’s “Humse Hai Liife” in 2011 and entered Bollywood with Divya Khosla Kumar’s “Yaariyaan” in 2014.

“I am thankful to the industry which gave me a chance and accepted me with open arms. Bhushan (Kumar) ji and Divya (Khosla Kumar) ma’am gave that opportunity to me. Arbaaz (Khan) bhai treats me like a younger brother. My best friend Tusshar (Kapoor) and Jeetu (Jeetendra) uncle treat me like family. Even all the other people of the industry have treated me well and welcomed me. I can’t complain!” he signed off.

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