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Saee Barvee on playing Parul in Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha: She’s emotional, funny, rebellious and many more things…

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563) Saee Barvee says her character Parul in Sonali Jafar and Amir Jafar’s Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha is that of a happy-go-lucky daughter-in-law. The actor shares that it is quite fun playing such a character given the kind of positivity it ushers into the story.

“She is a family person and always smiling. I’m a little bit like her. I’m also a family person and enjoy being with them when not shooting. Like Parul, I am a happy and positive person too,” says the actor, who has played a variety of roles on the small screen.

“Every character that I have played on-screen or on stage is special to me.  I’m close to my last Gujarati show’s character Laxmi. I have lived that character for three long years and Laxmi has taught me a lot in my life. Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha is also very special. It’s my debut Hindi daily soap and firsts are always special. Parul will always stay close to my heart,” she adds.

While Saee is particular about the project she chooses, she also admits being lucky to have got the opportunity to play a variety of characters so far. “My last Gujarati show was a beautiful and emotional love story. I was playing the lead role Laxmi and there were days when I would perform 12 pages of emotional scenes. At the end of the day, my eyes used to swell up because of the excess use of glycerine. So when it ended, I wanted to play a light-hearted, positive character. So when Parul’s character was offered to me, I couldn’t say no,” she says.

The actor feels in earlier times, TV actors used to get stereotyped easily but things are changing for the better now. “These days you just have to get the right look and performance for that particular character. Also, in TV you get to play so many shades in a character at one go. I’m playing a happy-go-lucky daughter-in-law’s character but it has different shades in it. She is emotional, funny, and a rebel too. So it’s wonderful and exciting to unravel new things about her almost every week,” she adds.

Do you agree that once a public figure talks about their relationship openly, it gets too much attention from fans and media? “It varies from person to person. Some People love to show their personal life in public while others want to keep it private. I’m the one who would want to keep my personal life private. I want people to talk about my work and not about my personal life,” she wraps up.

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