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Quick Bytes with Aarvika Gupta best remembered for TV show Tera Kya Hoga Alia!

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563).

1. Besides being an actor you’re a voice-over artist too, Throw light on it!

I didn’t know this fact that I can do this professionally, I do dubbing for my projects but to give voice over to particular projects is something different. I started giving my voice to Kid’s story channels and I had to change my voice for 3-4 different female characters. Initially, it looked easy but actually, it is not. We should have good command on our voice to do voice-over. 

2. Do you intend to become a singer?

I am an actor and always want to act but If people admire my voice then definitely I would love to sing for my audience.

3. Have you done any formal training in singing?

No I never did any formal training in singing. My father gifted me Harmonium, piano, and dholak so I always used to practice on it.

4. Does the voice-over industry pay well?

Voice over industry is very vast,  only if someone works efficiently and continuously on it, producers will offer you a great amount for voice-over.

5. Which was your first break? And how did you get it?

I used to give my voice To a popular youtube channel based on travelling and foodstuff further I got a chance to add my voice on a kids channel. I am looking for more opportunities!.

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