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International Women’s Day: Celebs say women should be celebrated every day

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). International Women’s Day is all about the celebration of her strength and the importance of her existence. Amid the growing violence against women and female feticide still being a reality, March 8 signifies a lot more than just being a date in the calendar that comes every year. Actors talk about the significance of the day and why women need to be celebrated every day….

Vijayendra Kumeria
I don’t believe in the idea of celebrating one particular day for anything for that matter. I have seen people post things on social media, write profound things on such occasions only to forget about it the very next day. If you respect women then do it every day. Why do you need one day to just show off? We need to celebrate women every moment. Women are good in everything be it in studies, sports, managing homes or at the work front. The love, dedication, maturity, care and hard work a woman puts in on a daily basis deserve our respect.

Prashant Bajaj
It’s definitely a day that creates awareness among everyone that women have all the rights and qualities. Show me one field where women have not done well. Take a pause and ponder on the question, whether women and men are equally treated in this world? I guess we all know the answer. So I think when people enjoy getting things drilled to their heads rather than taking the right route, such a day is required to talk about equality rights for women and also highlight their achievements to the world.

Sidharrth Sipani
This is very special day but I feel just a day to celebrate women is too less to acknowledge their contribution and importance in this world, and their constant efforts to make it a better place. Every day should therefore be Women’s Day. We all need to do our bit to ensure that the future for girl child is bright, safe and rewarding.

Jasmin Bhasin
For me, Women’s Day is for both women and men. The day is about gender equality, and in order to achieve that we must elevate women but not at the cost of humiliating the other sex. To celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, we need all to join hands. We need to celebrate our achievements every day and try to elevate each other.

Rajit Dev
Be it social, political or cultural, women have been making history everywhere. They are no less than man, in fact they are much ahead. I know men facing ego issues working under women. That’s totally wrong. I’ve worked under a woman, never felt any less. I think women should be encouraged, celebrated and motivated with everything that they wish to do. It’s painful to read about girls and women being raped and murdered. The rising domestic violence cases are also disturbing. I just hope such a day would create more awareness, make people understand why women need to be celebrated.

Chandni Soni
Well, to think of it every day is Women’s Day. Our each day is incomplete without the women in our lives, whether it’s our mother, sister, daughter, friend or mother-in-law. But it feels good to have a day dedicated to women to express gratitude. But more than just a day, I hope people should hold that respect towards women every moment of their lives.

Aniruddh Dave
Let’s accept that women are far more superior. They have the biggest gift, they can bring new life to this world. And it’s not easy to nurture a baby and give birth. I have witnessed the labour pain a woman goes through when my son was born. It’s unimaginable. So March 8 is special and needs to be celebrated. But I believe every day is Women’s Day. We men must be grateful towards the women in our lives.

Nyra Banerjee
Having a day to us is good but we can’t be just remembered and taken care of just one day. The respect and love that a woman deserves for her contribution can’t be just celebrated one day in the year. There’s a mother, daughter, sister and friend in every woman. In the world beyond their homes they are excelling everywhere. So March 8 is just a reminder of her worth her value and existence.

Kavitta Verma
It’s good to celebrate womanhood or Women’s Day on a particular day. Having said that I feel each day we need to respect women around us. Women in any kind of relationship should be revered. From taking care of their homes to ruling the world, a woman has all the qualities that make her extraordinary. If we don’t start respecting women then this society can never progress.

Arjun Shrivastava
I honestly believe women are the superior gender on this planet. Whatever men can do, women can do better. They are a lot more empathetic, loving, understanding, caring, matured and strong. I think if women were in-charge of the world instead of men, the world would be a better place. It’s nice to have a Women’s Day once a year, but I strongly feel they must be celebrated 365 days.

Rohit Chaudhary
We must respect and love the women in our lives. And that should not just happen just on March 8. Yes, dedicating to women is important but then whatever we do that one day should be done throughout the year. They need equal rights at home and at work place. Let us all make this world safe and encouraging for women. Let us all men be kind and respectful towards them. Love them and see how much better your world becomes.

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