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Arun Mandola: I will open NGOs to give free education to children!

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). Arun Mandola says his heart aches everytime he sees small kids working at tea stalls or dhabas, etc. He feels that it’s because of the financial crisis at home that these kids are made to work. Not just this, he even vows to open NGOs to provide free education to poor children so that they can have a better future.
“It’s so painful to see children working at dhabas and small hotels. These children are called ‘Chotu’. The truth is nobody’s parents want to send their children for labouring but due to financial crisis these children work in tea stalls, wash utensils in hotels and restaurants, sell newspapers, beg on signals, or in front of temples or Masjid,” he said on the occasion of World Day Against Child Labour.
He feels that more awareness and stricter rules can help prevent child labour.
“There should be more awareness about child labour, I think first of all the government should take very strict action against child labour and secondly education should be made free,” he said.
The actor, who essayed the role of Lakshman in “Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan”, revealed that while in college he used to teach poor kids and even wants to start an NGO for educating them in future.
“I have seen many people teaching poor children on footpaths. My point is instead of using footpath they should be taught at temples or masjid or even private schools when they are empty and this way we can make our education system strong too. During my college days, I did the same thing. I used to go to private school or Arya samaj mandir and would ask them to provide me their space for an hour every day to teach kids. They always allowed me to use their space free of cost. In the future, I will open these types of NGOs to give free education to children,” Arun signed off.
Beautiful thought don’t you think? 

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