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Actresses on Self Isolation | Gauhar Khan | Helly Shah | Priya Banerjee | Mreenal Deshraj….

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). Since the Government declared the complete lockdown on the outbreak of novel coronavirus in India, a population of more than 130 crore is locked in their houses. People are getting anxious and worried and many are still not abiding to government lockdown rules, as a result putting their own life at risk of virus. 
And in this situation these beautiful actresses share through this video why it is important to be safe at home. 

Gauhar Khan : The beautiful actress is mostly busy in making videos for fans, but these days she is spending most of her lockdown time with her Mom. She nicely explains why you should be at home and not to become a carrier of virus for someone else. To spend your time amply she suggests doing things that you always crib about that you couldn’t do, like dance, read, sing etc.  And most importantly be thankful for your every breath.

Helly Shah : The lead actress of the upcoming serial Ishq mein Marjawa 2 says that the self quarantine is the only way to combat CoronaVirus, she says it’s a serious issue hence should be considered seriously, it’s not the time for house parties. 

Priya Banerjee : responding to the global pandemic she says it is a serious issue. She is stuck at home alone while her parents are in Canada. She’s been working at home, doing all daily chores, she is happy to be able to find time for self love and care.

Mreenal Deshraj : The actress shares a video with Bollywood Bazar Guide where she is seen brooming and cleaning her house while listening to old Hindi songs. She says it is important to keep your mind positive and mental health stable. She is reading, cooking, cleaning, keeping things organized and every possible thing to keep herself busy.

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