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Malhar balances the quarantine life !

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). While many actors are coming up with amazing ideas to spend quality quarantine time,  Actor Malhar Pandya is trying his best to strike a balance in his quarantined life.  He says, “I am a total workout freak, I feel incomplete if I do not work out, so I am working out at home twice a day as I am having a proper nutritional diet like Dal, Sabzi, Roti, Rice & Curd in lunch & dinner because right now it is most important for each one of us to keep our immune system very strong as Doctors are saying that this Covid-19 virus affects more if you have low immunity.I do not want my weight to increase I am working out twice a day & reading some good books, watching some of my very favorite Superhero movies & series, involving myself with some indoor board games with my family.
Suggesting about good utilization of the Quarantine period he says “take this as a good opportunity to be with your loved ones as before we all were so busy in our daily work that we never had enough time for our family.Also utilize this time to explore some new hobbies like I am trying my hands in sketching although I have never ever done that but I am watching some online sketching videos & trying it.One can easily feel stressed, scared at this pandemic situation so I’ll like to suggest everyone that be positive, pray if you feel low or meditate,Have faith in almighty and this too shall pass, everything is going to be alright” 
He added, “our government is doing the best possible things for the betterment of Covid – 19 victims.We have to understand that this is a very serious situation right now and we have to trust & support our government.It’s now us who have to follow all the rules which our government has implied like the very first is Stay home, I am watching all the news and I am a bit scared that people still are going out and not taking this lockdown seriously at all.I understand that we all have some daily basic needs like vegetables, breads, eggs, milk and many more but this is a very serious condition so I would say that you are going to be fine if you do not consume vegetables, breads, eggs, milk for some days because if we keep going out for these small small things this will make the situation more worse. I request everyone that please do not leave home until you are out of the most basic essentials like Flour, Pulses or rice.Stay home and keep your loved ones and our society safe.”

 If you are also having some wonderful ideas to spend Quarantine period smoothly or if you have any thoughts/suggestion to fight back the pandemic, then record your selfie video and email us at-

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