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Vidya actors talk about how they will celebrate Diwali this year….

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). From lighting diyas to sharing the significance of Diwali with their children, the cast of Mahesh Pandey’s Vidya share their Diwali plans.

Meera Deosthale– This year, I am alone for Diwali as my mom is celebrating Diwali with my brother in Canada. I will be celebrating Diwali on the sets of Vidya with my new family. And of course, in the evening, I will be with my close friends Tanya, Sonarika and all.

Namish Taneja –I am going to buy a new house on Diwali. Other than that, I will be celebrating the festival with my family and friends. Last year, I sent a gold ring to my Nani. This time maybe I will send her earrings or a chain.

Vaquar Shaikh- More than me, my kids are going to be looking forward to Diwali because they are going to get to eat a lot of sweets. I actually do house hoping because I have so many friends around and I have to visit all of them. So, I go there and eat a lot of sweets as it’s a no-diet day, so I don’t mind indulging in having sweets. I have a sweet tooth and so do my kids, so we all enjoy it. I have stopped burning crackers because, from the time I realized that the environment is getting affected by the smoke, I stopped doing it. Since it’s a festival of lights, not crackers, I hope everyone realizes it. The government is promoting it very well. During Diwali, it’s nice to see how people have done up their houses. My Diwali plan would be dressing up well and visiting my friends and wishing them a very happy Diwali, have sweets, play cards, eat good food,  etc. The significance of Diwali is light over darkness ‘Burai Ki Haar,  Achai Ki Jeet’. We need to tell these stories and the significance behind this festival to the coming generation so that they know the importance and reason behind celebrating this festival. I would just wish that this Diwali let the darkness and bad things be defeated in your life.

Lilliput- Kids have their own plans during Diwali, they make their own plans. At this age, I only do the worship god.

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