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Binaifer Kohli: We get great TRPs during Diwali

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). Diwali is here and producer Binaifer Kohli says that this is always a very happy time at her house as well as her on her show sets. The producer adds that this a great time for the viewers too as there are special Diwali sequences shot. “Near Diwali, we have special episodes which are Diwali related and people love to watch them. They enjoy them and of course, we get a higher TRP. Diwali is a festival of lights and we light up our houses and sets. On this festival, there is new light coming into our lives and we try and bring that light in other people’s lives also,” she says.

Actors often work in festivals. However, on these festivals, they are given a holiday. “Actors work on festivals but on Diwali, Dhanteras and Dusshera, we make sure that we take holiday and they spend their time rightfully with their family,” she says, adding, “Actors, who are from out of town, do not wish to go back home because they know that episodes have to go on air. But we plan a yearly holiday for them as well as holidays on New Year, that is 31st December. So it is all well-planned in advance.”

Talking about her own Diwali plans, she says, “My Diwali plans are to have a lot of sweets, put a lot of diyas and carry a lot of sweets in my car and distribute it to everybody. I want to share my Diwali with my staff that makes Diwali special for me.”

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