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Amiben Modi: Diwali should be embraced fully….

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). Spiritual healer Amiben Modi says that make this Diwali all about love, colours and family this year. “Diwali is the king of festivals, it has everything, it has colours, lights, food, family as well as rituals and traditions. Diwali marks the end of the dark period or end of one year and marks new beginnings. Hence doing Lakshmi Ji Pooja on Diwali enables you to start your year with bowing down to Goddess Lakshmiji welcoming wealth and well-being for the upcoming year,” she says.

She adds, “Diwali should be embraced fully, you should start by cleaning your homes thereby removing negativity and clutter and making room for positivity. Secondly and more importantly, you should make room in your heart and mind for new people, new experiences and positivity and celebrate Diwali in your hearts.” 

Get the negativity out of your minds, says Amiben. “You should avoid avoiding people, let go of previous grudges and embrace all of life’s positivity thrills, colours and festivities,” she adds.

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