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Ashish Trivedi: Choosing the best for myself, on my own, was a big task!

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). Actor Ashish Trivedi, who  was last seen in Udaan, says that loving in Mumbai has taught him a lot. Coming from Delhi, the actor says that leanring to survive alone was a struggle for him. “On the 18th of March, 2017, I landed in city of dreams to take my career in acting forward. I can’t believe it’s been more than 2 years now. I was the most pampered child in my family and had never stayed alone. So it was challenging for me to adapt to this new situation with no support system nearby,” he says, adding, “I started making decisions for myself on my own, survival of the fittest works here, so choosing the best for myself on my own was a big task. I had made mistakes, I still make mistakes but after every mistake, I learn what not to do.”
Ask what is he feels is different in staying in Delhi and in Mumbai, and he says, “Delhi is my birthplace, Mumbai is my workplace. I have my whole family and my childhood friends back in Delhi. Connectivity is different but Mumbai is my dream city where I want to make a mark as an actor, here I want to settle down. I love both the cities.”
Talking about his life in Mumbai, he says, “I bet you, bread and eggs are the best friends of a bachelor when your cook doesn’t turn up and that’s very common here. Being into fitness as well, I didn’t have too many options like junk or fast food, so omelette was my best friend which I could only cook on my own. Now, I have a boy who stays with me 24/7, he takes care of everything. But still there’s nothing can get you the comfort of living with your family, when you are outside,” he says. 

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