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Arun Mandola on why he never misses going to Sidhivinayak!

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). No matter how busy he is, actor Arun Mandola makes sure to take out time to go to Sidhivinayak every alternate month. The actor attributes his success to his devotion to Ganpati Bappa. “I started visiting Sidhivinayak Temple when I came to Mumbai for the first time, six years back. It’s kind of compulsory for me to visit Sidhivinayak in every alternate month,” he says, adding, “I do not go to Sidhivinayak temple for any special purpose or to ask for anything from Ganpati Bappa. I am a spiritual guy and I just go to the temple to thank him for giving me this beautiful life.”

This belief and devotion have been inculcated in Arun right from his childhood. “I have believed Bappa since my childhood because my father used to tell me stories about Lord Ganesha. Slowly these stories converted into spirituality. I heard a lot about Siddhivinayak before coming to Mumbai so that is also the reason why I love visiting Sidhivinayak,” he says.

The actor urges his fans to also visit religious places. “I feel very light and confident at religious places. Whenever I visit a religious place I feel calm and positive. I think everyone should visit religious places regularly to eradicate negative thoughts from their mind,” he says.

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