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The fat to fit story of Ashish Trivedi wh owas in Udaan

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). While many of us are busy swooning over actor Ashish Trivedi’s physique in the reality show Skulls and Roses, a lot of us are unaware that the actor didn’t always look like this. Ashish was heavily overweight before he became an actor and worked hard to shed the kilos. “Losing weight and going off carbs is really tough for a working guy. It was very grinding to be in the gym for 2-3 hours and attending office, which I was at that time. My desperation and determination to get into fit skin kept me going. I used to be 98kg, with all the junk in my gut and I wanted to reduce at least 20kg. My elder cousin pushed me, motivated me to try something which always looked unbearable to me,” he says.

Talking about his weight loss journey, he says, “After completing college, a few months later, I was thrown into the gym to lose my plumpy fat. I used to workout 2-3 hours in the morning, which included weight training and abdominal muscle workout. After this session, I would have 10 boiled eggs, white portion only and one scoop of protein powder in water. My lunch would be 10 boiled eggs, again only the white portion, 1 bowl of dal, 80-100gms steamed rice and salad. My gym was nearby and so I kept my cardio workout for the evening. After this, again I would have 10 boiled eggs and 1 bowl of dal with salad.”

While it was tough initially, Ashish warmed up to the routine in some time. “This was torture for me in the initial days, but two weeks later, I loved the little noticeable difference and few of my friends appreciated that. When someone appreciates you, it becomes an addiction. I got addicted to fitness. It took me 16 weeks but I gave my 500% with no cheat meals and no gym bypass,” he says.

The actor is making sure to maintain his weight now. “I am 73 kgs now. I eat according to my physical exertion of the day and I eat clean food. No more junk food for me.”

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