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Shweta Rohira dons nine Durga looks this Navratri!

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). Actor Shweta Rohira donned the nine looks of Goddess Durga for an app. The actor says that the festival of Navratri means a lot to her and she was excited when she got this opportunity. “I have always been fascinated by different forms of mother Durga, I have also done lots of paintings of her. Our mythology is very interesting and I love reading it. So, when I was approached for this by this App, I did not want to leave this chance,” she says.
The actor says that she and her team tried to make each look perfect. “Sachin Gurav made sure of each and everything is to the point. We had the best team from makeup to photography. All the pics are getting appreciated and loved by my fans. I enjoyed every look because each one was different and I felt like a canvas when I was being painted so an artist too, I enjoyed every part of the shoot,” she says.

She adds, “For me, the significance of Navratri is that this is the time for self-awareness. Each Devi maa (Mother God) is attached to our chakras and are helping us in releasing negative energy and creating the best of us.”
There are some rituals that she follows during this period as well. “I don’t fast but I like to go pure vegetarian so that I am more open to the divinity of the divine universe. Also, it feels good to eat leafy and green food during this period,” she says, adding, “It’s a colourful festival. I love visiting temples and seeing Maa Durga dressed in different styles and avatars. Also, all the fasting food like sabudana Wada and especially the Chana, puri, and kheer made by mother during Ashtami is amazing.”
Navratri reminds Shweta of her childhood. “Back in school, I have played Garba all dressed up in Ghagra choli. I always look forward to Navratri for this reason. Also, my favourite singer is Falguni Pathak and I love her songs so much that when I shot a music video with her in my college days, it was a dream come true,” she says.


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