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Amod Doshi makes post lockdown plan for make up industry

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). As the film industry prepares to open up for restarting the shoots, the industry makeup artists are facing the challenge to take the precautions as well as give their best presentations. Renowned prosthetic makeup artist Amod Doshi have done make up in more than 150 films in the genre of Hindi, English and Marathi. On speaking with Bollywood Bazar Guide, Amod shares how he plans to make things work during lockdown.

Amod Doshi
Amod Doshi

On being asked how he is spending his lockdown days he said, “I am utilizing this quarantine period on researching more on prosthetic make up. I am reading more books and indulging in studies related to this craft. Lately, I have been doing some experiments during this time.”

Amod Doshi

Since the methods of doing makeup are going to change after this pandemic, Amod explained “Since, we will have to take extra care of hygiene and precautions on sets, me and my team have figured out new techniques of prosthetic make up. Constantly, I am training my team and students on online classes. I am getting tremendous response for the same.”

After the lockdown there is a fall in the availability of the imported make up products, on combating the situation Amod said, “Earlier we were dependant on American made products for prosthetic makeup since 20 years. Unfortunately, we don’t have its ample availability now as the import –export is down, So now we are doing creative makeup with Indian material.”

“After this long gap, we might face some economic crunch, but we will not compromise on the quality and usage of products. However, Good thing is that there is no competition in the field of prosthetic makeup. I am glad that I will be able to promote and give work to my students and fellow makeup artists. Now we are developing some amazing techniques of makeup, in which best effects will be seen while using best material available.” Amod explained while talking about post lockdown challenges.

Amod have gained popularity in glamour industry through his realistic prosthetic make up skills. He have done make up for many celebrities and models. Having contributed in numerous films, he was awarded with V Shantraman Puraskar for his work in horror films. Amod Doshi founded India’s First Prosthetic Makeup Academy – Ovi Academy. It have trained many young aspiring makeup artist in the visionary craft.

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