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This is the Best time to improve yourself!

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). Corona is widely affecting the B-town and giving silent terrors to the producers in the fraternity.
While talking about the mindset during the pandemic lockdown with Bollywood Bazar Guide, producer Gaurav shares that he hopes that everybody is healthy & safe at their homes.
He said, “we should be very serious this time, please stay at home till the Lockdown is not lifted. I want to thank Indian Government for taking all necessary steps on time. Otherwise the situation in our country could have been worse.”
He further adds, “people who are feeling bored & thinking they can’t do anything at home, Take it positively, this is the best time to improve yourself
You can read good books, plan future post corona, review your past ,what mistakes you have made.
There are many things you can do at home.”
Gaurav Mishra is wishing for the world’s sooner recovery.

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