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Actors tell us about the best advice they got from their moms on the occasion of mothers day….

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). On the occasion of Mother’s Day , these stars tell us about the best advice they got from their moms

Rashami Desai: My mother taught us to look at the world in a different way.

My mother’s name is Rasila and the one thing I love about her is that she has the courage to do anything in life – she is truly a fighter. I have learnt so many things from my mother because she is such a source of positive energy. Being a single parent, she raised my brother and me to always look at the world in a different way. When we were small, she fought for so many things that were rightfully ours. Today, I am a strong, independent individual thanks to her.

Krishna Bharadwaj: My mother believes in treating everyone equally

My mother’s name is Richa and she is a housewife. Coming from a humble background, I have seen her struggling while raising my brother and me. Even during times when there were practical decisions to be made, my mother chose to listen to her heart. And somehow, those turned out to be good decisions. We faced a lot of financial problems while growing up, but my mother would always sacrifice her comfort for us. She treats everyone equally, which is why she is so loved by everyone around her today. That is what I like most about her and what I have also learnt from her.

Helly Shah: My mother has taught me never to trust anyone too quickly

My mother’s name is Vanlata and I love everything about her not because she is my mom, but because of the kind of person she is. One piece of advice she has always given me and still does, is to never trust someone too quickly. We discuss almost everything on the phone since I live in Mumbai and my family is based in Ahmedabad. I can discuss anything I want with my mother because that is how she has raised me. She is my biggest support system.

Priya Banerjee: My mother always puts others first

My mother’s name is Papia and what I love most about her is how selfless she is. She always puts others before herself, is extremely understanding and I feel like she’s someone I can share everything with. There is a lot I’ve learnt from her, but one of the most important things I’ve learnt is to care about people without expecting anything in return.

Kriti Verma: My mother has taught me to forgive people.

My mother’s name is Kanchan and the unconditional love she has showered on me and my whole family is something I will always cherish. Every day I learn something nice from her. She has taught me that forgiving someone is the key to one’s own peace


Rashami Desai comes up with the second season of her talk show…. The RD Shhow!

As we know, due to coronavirus, people are locked-up in their homes. So, celebrities are making sure to utilize this time to bond with their family and indulge in productive activities.

Rashami Desai, who is one of the most popular and adorable television actresses, is using the time to do various things. She started her talk show called ‘The RD Show’ for her fans. The show is hosted on her social media handle, where the actress invites esteemed guests from various fields.

After completing the first season of the show successfully by inviting people like Mrunal Thakur ,  Luke Coutinho , Sonaakshi Raaj and RJ Maliska who are superbly talented and influential people in their respective fields , she announced that there will be a second season coming up soon.

The first guest on the RD Show season 2 would be from music industry and it would be none other than Jubin Nautiyal.

Jubin Nautiyal is one of the most popular name in the music industry. He is the voice behind songs like Zindagi Kuch Toh Bata, Ek Mulaqat , Kisi Se Pyaar Ho Jaye and even the recent hits Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage from Kabir Singh and Tum Hi Aana from Mar Javaan. Rashami will go live with Jubin on 25th April , 7pm onwards and it will be definitely interesting to see two amazingly talented people talk with each other and influence their fans.

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