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Singer Pallavi shares how she use music therapy!

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563).  Singer Pallavi Baberwal who’s a Bioinformatics graduate, before she started pursuing music as a career used to do a 9-5 job. But when she realised that she wanted to become a singer, she decided to leave for Delhi and start getting trained professionally. Her passion motivated her to persue her dream and take proper training for it.
Currently Pallavi is working as a clinical music therapist where she helps mentally and physically disabled people through music, here is what she said about it “Music therapy is a therapeutic use of music to work towards the health betterment of mentally and physically disabled/challenged people. Research shows that Indian ragas and western music techniques have lot of impact on mind functioning, motor neurons and as experienced by many mental health. I work with all the age group people to bring improvement in their health with the help of various music techniques in which I have recieved my training as a clinical music therapist”
She added saying “Working with special people requires a lot of patience, understanding & correct techniques which a trained clinical music therapist would know. I have worked with renowned clinics & hospitals and it has been a wonderful experience because most of the time I have seen it working and bringing the change in the health conditions of people”
When asked about getting an opportunity to work in Bollywood Pallavi said ” I think if you get an opportunity you say yes first and later learn how to do it as beautifully said by Richard Branson. So why not if the opportunity comes you know my answer”
Pallavi even gave a message to all the people out there struggling during this lockdown “During this lockdown time just want to send lots of love to all the people out there and would emphasise on taking care of your mental health alongside physical. Stay strong & safe.”
Pallavi has her own youtube channel where she does covers on various songs. Other than that she works with talent company called Yours Eventfully and does live concerts as well.

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