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Hamari Bahu Silk Completes 100 episodes….

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). While the catchy show title Hamari Bahu Silk grabbed the eyes of many the concept of the show is quite different from other daily soaps. The show is filled with shocking twists and turns with a perfect balance of romance and comedy and a bittersweet fight between Zaan Khan (Naksh) and Chahat Pandey (Paakhi). 
The game-changers in the show is Naksh’s grandmother Baa played by veteran actor Sarita Joshi and the hot and sexy Natasha played by Reeva Chaudhory. The show has been successful in keeping the audiences hooked with the wedding drama the show has completed 100 episodes yesterday. 
The cast was seen clicking pictures, cutting the cake and also celebrating Sarita Joshi’s 79th birthday which was on 17th October. Sharing the happiness Kirti Chaudhary who plays the role of Naksh’s sister in law Maushi says,”It feels so good that time went so soon and I feel grateful and happy that we have completed successful 100 episodes.”

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