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Navratri is here!

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). Here is how these TV actors are celebrating this festival….

Manuj Nagpal: Navratri is my favorite festival, I don’t fast but I follow other rituals for nine days. I eat pure vegetarian homemade healthy food. I try to get the time and finish reading Druga Saptshati, the most powerful holy book. If you read the book, you’ll get to know how Druga Maa has nine avatars and why she is called the Goddess of glory and the creator of the universe. I go to the temple and attend Druga Puja with my family and friends. I sometimes play Garba also.

Amal Sehrawat: Navratri holds a very special place in my life. During my childhood, my friends and I used to gather together to collect Chanda and decorate a jhaanki. We used to prepare dance performances together and enjoy the fair with various game stalls and rides. I don’t fast but I pray, go to the temple, and visits various jhaankis around the city. As far as dandiya is concerned, once I tried to play it and got three stitches on my head. So after that, I only play dandiya or Garba in my TV shows, not in real life.

Rohitashv Gour: Navratri is a 10-day festival. It’s a rich tradition of our country and we follow it religiously. In small towns, there are Ram Leela shows going on during these days. I would say that the enthusiasm and fun is seen the most in small towns. It’s a colorful festival. During this time, I make sure to take care of my food habits. Due to shooting schedules, I cannot fast but I follow all the rituals like eating vegetarian food. I don’t play Garba but I enjoy watching people dance.

Ashish Trivedi: I just love Navratri days. There is so much color and festivity all around. It makes me feel so happy. I make sure to pray during these days and try and wear colorful clothes myself too.

Malhar Pandya: As a child also, the atmosphere of my house would totally change during Navratri. Everyone would be so happy and cheerful. Some people fasted in my family and the fast-food would be prepared which I loved. I get the same feeling today when Navratri comes!

Avinash Mishra: Significance of Navratri is the victory of peace and DHARMA over ego and evil. I don’t fast but yes I do follow the ritual of ashthami, that particular day I fast and go to Durga maa temple. Yes, completely it’s a colorful festival as this is a victory over evil and in our country we celebrate the festivals with colors and lights as these festivals always teach us that darkness never wins. Well, I just focus on sweets. Well, I don’t know how to play Garba but I do go to Garba and enjoy the atmosphere.

* नवरात्रि की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं…

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