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World Heart Day: Actors dole out tips for healthy hearts!

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). From regular medical check-ups to keeping happy, here is how these telly actors are making sure their hearts are healthy.

Rehaan Roy : I feel that taking care of our heart is really important. Heart disease is one of the most common health issues that our generation is facing these days. To protect our heart, I think having a good and healthy diet is very important. Some kind of physical activity helps you to keep your heart healthy. So good food and exercise are the keys to keep your heart protected.

Arun Mandola : In today’s stressful life, there are a lot of heart-related diseases blood pressure, heart attack occurring at an early stage of life. I maintain a very strict diet and exercise. I workout 5 days a week, I don’t eat outside food, I drink 12 to 13 glass water every day and do regular check-up for my better health. I believe in health is wealth.

Pranitaa Pandit : First and foremost, sleeping is very important. There are a lot of people who sleep for 3-5 hours because of stress or other reasons which are not healthy. You should be physically active, go for a walk whenever you get the time and do some cardio because it’s really good for the heart. At the same time, sleeping is very important you have to give your body ample amount of rest for it to function properly. Also give some time for spirituality in terms of meditation, breathing to just detox your brain from all the stress and clutter because faith is something that really helps us calm down. The moment we have faith in any spiritual thing, automatically we get the sense of calmness which reduces stress and anxiety.

Mreenal Deshraj : From a very young age, I was aware that our bodies are both an ornament and an instrument, not only does a fit body makes one look attractive but it also enables us to do things effectively and efficiently. We must treat our bodies like a machine, too much or too little of anything will harm us, be it a workout, food or rest. I make sure I do not go high on cholesterol and sodium in what I eat and prefer relishing berries, green leafy veggies, avocados, walnuts, etc. Food that is great for our heart. I try to stay away from processed food, our generation is obsessed with junk food and I believe that’s the biggest reason behind heart problems, the sedentary lifestyle being the close second on that list. Most of my fans know that I am a gym rat and cardio is my favourite thing to do. Cardio is the heart’s best friend. I meditate and surround myself with positive people to avoid stress.

Shridhar Watsar : I am an actor and I generally shoot for 12-15 hours daily. To keep myself fit mentally and physically, I exercise, keep a healthy diet and sleep enough, which is very important. We need to follow these things so that we remain stress-free and our body and heart remain healthy.

Ankit Bathla : The most important thing for the heart and to maintain good health is to be happy. One can be happy when we get to pray every day and also maintain a lifestyle and nice lifestyle starts with getting up on time. Fortunately, as we are shooting in the morning, I get up at 5 am and I love it because I can finish my workout. Exercising every day is very important, be it any form of exercise, a walk, crunches or just Suryanamaskar, which is the best exercise. I also eat healthy, I avoid carbs as much as I can and also try not to have any intoxicating things alcohol, cigarettes, etc. For the heart, the most important thing is staying happy and calm and just enjoying life the way it is rather than stressing about the future.

Zuber K Khan : I’m blessed that I am in an era where this day is getting celebrated as World Heart Day because the heart is the main core of the body.
Not as an actor, as a human, I believe strongly in fitness. You should go for regular health checkups. And you should exercise or do cardio which includes running and swimming and even cycling too. Eat good healthy food, eat more of protein and less of carbs and always focus on the oil which you are consuming on a daily basis. Water purity is also important because a good, intense amount of water is basic for your heart and body. Workout and water are a must for a good healthy heart.

Manuj Nagpal : On the World Heart Day, I would like to share some of my daily, basic healthy routines. I do Power Yoga for at least 45 mins and cardio as well. In cardio, I concentrate on jogging and running at least for half and hour and approx 4 to 5km daily. Cardio keeps the heart healthy, pumps your veins and allows your blood to flow properly and clears all the blockage from your body organs and muscles. Cardio and Power Yoga keeps you away from all blockage attacks and gives the strength to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I even go for a regular health check-up once every 3 to 4 months.

Ashish Trivedi : I make sure that I work out on a daily basis which includes a balanced form of cardio, strength, functional and HIIT training. Also, I keep a strict check on my diet which has high protein, good fats, fibre, healthy carbohydrates and all the essential nutrients. I drink a lot of water and sleep well. I go for a full body checkup every 6 months. Last but not least, I always stay positive.

Nishant Malkani : For a healthy heart, one needs to do two things. First, workout daily, keep your physical activity up. If you can’t go to the gym, go for a long brisk walk, do some home exercises etc. All this is needed to keep your heart healthy and fit. Heart is like a machine, the less you use it, the more it’ll start rusting. Second, eat healthily and avoid junk food because it increases the pressure on the heart. Also, try to stay stress-free. Stress is a major factor in our lives and we need to learn to manage it well. It’s the worst enemy for our heart. So be happy and be fit.

Atul Verma : As I have witnessed multiple incidents in my family where cardiac arrest was the major reason for death, I don’t understand why people don’t go for regular health checkups. We are more concerned about our AC’s , cars and other machines which need regular servicing and maintenance. Similarly, we should also get our regular health checkups done from time to time. Above all half an hour of workout in any form should be in our daily routine, no matter what. Last but not least, low carbs, no junk and a good protein diet is always a saviour for me.

Aastha Chaudhary: In today’s world, the stress level has increased, not only heart disease but there are many other diseases which the new generation is suffering from. We should take care of our health by eating healthy. Do yoga and meditation because these two things are such which everyone should practice them. It is not just important for you to be fit but is also good for your heart and mind to be healthy. Our lifestyle is as such that I feel we need to sit back and relax sometimes specially in a city like Mumbai. People don’t have the time for themselves. In India, we don’t go to a doctor till we are very sick and this should not be the case. Be in touch with a doctor if you doubt about anything and do not become a doctor yourself!

Rohitashv Gour : I want to wish everyone good health on this day. It’s very important to take care of your health and do regular exercises, checkups and especially take care of your diet. Today’s life is very stressful, so it gets very difficult to keep yourself balanced. It is important to surround yourself with good people, keep positive thoughts, meditate, all this will get balance in your life. The food that we eat is also adulterated so in such a scenario we have to take extra care of ourselves and keep yourself healthy.

Malhar Pandya : In today’s stressful world, very few people think about doing regular check ups. In India, the ratio of men dying with heart attack is the highest because the whole day we are traveling and working so we don’t really get time to take care about their food habits. I drink a lot of water and eat clean and avoid junk food. If we maintain a good diet, we can stay away from heart diseases according to me. And once a year you should do full body checkup.

Mrunal Jain : To keep my heart healthy I exercise regularly, I never miss it. As I am a vegetarian, I eat healthy vegetarian food which keeps me fit. Other than that, I talk and share everything with my wife which makes me feel better. So, I never feel low in life and hence my heart remains healthy.

Jasmin Bhasin : I am a happy person by nature. I always take the initiative to eat healthy. Even if I am tempted to eat a dessert, I reduce the portion size. I don’t sprinkle extra salt on my food or salad.

Mohammad Nazim : One should remain happy daily. I never miss my gym and I am very particular about my diet. One should reduce sugar as well as salt intake to keep your health and heart in order.

Arjun Bijlani : Keeping your heart happy is a necessity. I live a balanced life and have a balanced diet too. Spending quality time with my son Ayaan always keeps me very positive because of which my heart remains healthy. I do not carry the baggage of today to tomorrow.

Ira Sone : Irrespective of the age, one needs to take care of one’s health and heart Kehte hai Dil hai toh jaan hai so I follow that. I always keep myself happy no matter what the circumstances are. I also eat less sugar and salt and follow a balanced diet.

Shivin Narang : Live and let live should be the philosophy of life. Money comes and goes but people who are close to you will stay with you forever. That all is connected to your heart. Express yourself, share your life with people who matter and don’t bottle up emotions. I eat well and meeting and talking to friends is also like a stress buster to me.

Shashank Vyas : There is a saying ‘Home is where the heart is’. Taking care of your heart is very important as it works nonstop. We are overloading our mind with information. We need to filter the information which reaches the mind and work and maintain our close relationships where we can undress our heart. I also ensure that I eat healthy food and don’t miss my gym.

Ssharad Malhotra : Stress has become part of our lives as we have become very less expressive and demonstrative about our feelings and emotions. Almost all actors are very particular about their fitness but we need to be particular about keeping our hearts also happy. Only a healthy heart can take you places in life. I meditate, do my prayers and ensure that I go to gym at least thrice a week.

Ansh Bagri : We can make sure that we are healthy by doing simple things. We should have routine checkups done, exercise regularly, if not gym then at least go for a walk. Diet is very much important, I am very foodie but I avoid junk food. I learn about how can I keep myself more healthy. I search about everything on the internet. So, these things are really important for us to keep our heart healthy, so we should follow these things.

Amit Sarin : I exercise at least 5 days a week, drink 2 glass of luke warm water first thing in the morning. I never skip breakfast as that’s my biggest meal of the day. I don’t drink cold beverages with my meals and have water only after 20-30 mins of my meal. I have coffee/ tea once in the day and don’t eat carbs after 6 pm.

Avinash Mishra : I believe that 20 mins daily exercise can protect you from heart disease. We really need to manage time for exercise and have a proper food routine. Regular health check-ups are a must these days.

Photographer – Isha Natu , Model- Akshay Kharodia

Akshay Kharodia says living stress-free ensures good heart health….

This World Heart Day, actor Akshay Kharodia who recently debuted with film Kandy Twist talks about how physical as well as mental health keeps diseases at bay. “To keep myself fit, I work out regularly, both at the gym as well as at home. According to me, heart-related problems occur because of stress, overthinking etc. The more you take stress, the more it puts pressure on your body and then affects the heart,” he says.
The actor says it’s important to refresh yourself and take a break regularly. “My opinion is that in today’s time, the amount of time we give to social media should be given to our family. We should also take care of our diet because if you eat healthy, your health will be good and even your heart will work properly. Initially, we used to play games, spend time with family but nowadays, we only end up coming back home from work and spending time on social media. I feel we should just keep our cell phones aside and give time for a workout, talk with people etc so that you don’t feel stressed out and your heart doesn’t get weak,” he says.

Shweta Rohira urges people to experience each moment of life!

Actor Shweta Rohira believes in a holistic approach to good health. This World Heart Day, the actor talks about how she makes sure be healthy. World Heart Day was created to inform people around the globe that heart disease and stroke are the world’s leading cause of death, and the actor says that good health is all about a connection of mind and body. “I eat a good holistic diet and have lots of water. I love yoga and I do gymming to increase my core strength and stay fit. But most important is to detox all our negative emotions and release our stress. We need to live one day at a time and experience life and as much as we can for a healthy heart. We need to live a happy life, giving our heart its daily dose of laughter, happiness and peace,” she says.

Health check-ups are very important to maintain good health, says Priyansh Jora!

This World Heart Day, actor Priyansh Jora urges people to get regular health checkups done. The actor says that this can help us keep many diseases at bay. “I generally go for a check-up every three months, and I even make sure that everyone in my family does the same. My sister is a doctor and she has advised us to get these check-ups as these really serve as a great preventive measure. So, we have this habit of just checking our basic vitals and basic parameters of our bodies. Also, is someone tells me of a health problem that they have been facing, I always advise them to get their overall health check-up done. It is very important because you can actually prevent anything from happening. You will be more aware,” he says.
It helps you keep yourself in check, says the actor. “It’s always advisable that you keep a check so you get to know if you have a tendency that can affect your health. Suppose your sugar levels are falling or you have bad cholesterol, you can make your routine and your diet and start your exercises to keep those parameters in check,” he adds.
Besides this, the actor advises everyone to work out and have a healthy diet. “Exercising and keeping a balanced diet are a must. For me, last year, there were certain markers which were not right. So, I really made sure that I avoided eating those things. I avoided eating unnecessary sugar and increased my intake of good ghee and good cholesterol in my system. So that if I am going anywhere off the hook, I have a control on it. There is a common myth about exercising; people feel that if you are thin, you should not exercise but people need to understand it that it’s actually about keep your cardiovascular health in place,” he says.
He adds, “Earlier people used to do physical activities and these things were not needed. People back then used to be very fit. But today around 90% of people have office jobs and desk jobs where they’re sitting through the day, so it’s very important that you push your heart, you push your cardiovascular health to extremes, to shock it.”
Mental health is important too, says Priyansh. “It’s very important yo we keep our mental health intact as well. That has an indirect translation on our overall system, so even our heart will work fine. We must go out and unwind from our mundane life or routines and take a break, breathe fresh air, go out and exercise regularly. And if that gets monotonous as well, then what we can do is we can put up variety and keep experimenting with that. Don’t do just the basic exercise that you do every day. Do something challenging at times, sometimes do a fun activity, be it cycling, be it swimming. So those things will also help you stay fit and strengthen your cardio health. And at the same time would be a fun workout,” he says.

Kranti Prakash Jha urges people to be healthy….

As he observes World Heart Day , actor Kranti Prakash Jha talks about how he makes sure to keep healthy. World Heart Day, that is celebrated the last Sunday of September, was created to inform people around the globe that heart disease and stroke are the world’s leading cause of death. “I wake up in the morning and I have one glass of aloe vera juice, then I freshen up and do my Pranayam everyday for half an hour, which was taught to me by Swami Ramdev ji. Then I do my Yogasana’s and then I go to the gym. That’s how I club everything altogether,” he says.
The actor urges everyone to take care of themselves. “My suggestion to everyone would be to try and take out half an hour for your heart otherwise your heart will get hurt and that will hurt you and the whole family. The problem would be the amount of money which could be used for the family will go in hospital bills. Why don’t you take care of yourself so that you and everyone who loves you remains happy.”
He adds, “That’s the reason I tell everyone to give atleast half an hour of workout or yoga or walk. My father used to say if the wealth is lost, not much is lost but if health is lost everything is lost. So every person should take out time for themselves. I speak to my heart and thank him every day in the morning. I thank my liver and kidney also in the morning. I thank them because they function well. I am very grateful in the morning. Believe me if you do that every morning you will feel the change. I have taken an oath and I have told my mother that no matter what I will take care of myself so that we don’t have to see that time again. I request everyone to do that and take care of yourself.”


World heart day spl: प्रसिद्ध लेखक अनुज खरे के सौजन्य से….


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