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TV folks talk about their favourite holiday destination on world Tourism day, 27th September….

Aniruddh Dave –  I love Singapore. It has everything one needs for pleasure and happiness. I have almost tried all the local dishes there as I am a foodie. Food and culture both are important for me when I go for a holiday. It is very important for actors to take a break from time to time. I love to travel with my wife. For mentally rejuvenating myself once or twice vacation are a must.

Mrunal Jain My favourite holiday destination is Maldives. The lovely beaches turn me on mentally. The clear sky gives peace and abundance. Travelling is my passion. I love to mix photography with my travelling. I click pics wherever I go. Travelling perks up my sentiments. I love to  travel with my wife Sweetie all the time.

Shashank Vyas: Investing in travel is the same as investing in yourself. I believe while travelling one should collect moments, not things. Travelling unwinds me completely. I love to meet real people in life. Kashmir was beautiful, I have no words to explain the beauty of the valley. I just feel that the valley has not been explored by so many people as yet. I think more people should visit Kashmir and explore this heaven on earth.

Arun Mandola: I love travelling but most of the time, I choose hill stations because I love nature, greenery and pure air there. Everything is fresh but I don’t prefer to go alone because I love company. I don’t enjoy going alone anywhere so whenever I go. I go with my good friends but I don’t save money for travel because these kinds of things happen suddenly. I love to go to places in Switzerland and Kashmir because I heard it’s heaven on earth.

Ankit Bathla: For me, travelling is life. I think it’s the most important thing that one should do. And, each and every person should travel because it opens up a huge array of things in your life. It helps you explore huge emotions in your life, and also makes you a better person as you become more aware. And when you see people in different countries and different places, you get to learn so much which widens your horizon. I am a frequent traveller. I take at least two international trips and two domestic trips in a year. I would rather save money on clothes and cars or luxuries and spend it on my travel because that’s what is what I really love doing. I try and pick up a destination which is not really been explored before and is not really common. I really love to go to different destinations every year because I really want to go and explore the mind sets of people there and the culture of that city or the country. I love Turkey for its clean sky, beautiful landscape and the sea.

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