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Who will win the race for Mou Mritunjoy Das’s web film Game On?

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). The newest producer in town Mou Mritunjoy Das is all set to start her film. Kite Runner Pictures -her production house – is currently having multiple brainstorming sessions with the casting. When asked Mou says,”We have finalised the name of our film – Game On. It’s a 100 minute film. We finalised this name because the title is catchy and it’s a thriller. The writer himself suggested the title and we are trusting his vision. The casting for both male and female lead is on now and we are thinking of good capable actors for the project. It will be an ensemble cast.” 
Sources has confirmed Mrunal Jain, Shaleen Malhotra, Vishal Singh, Gautam Vij are there in the list. Let’s wait and watch who wins the race for Game On.

Mou Das: I am so happy that Ek Duje Ke Vaaste is coming back!

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). Producer Mou Mritunjoy Das, the woman behind the new production house Kite Runner Pictures, is ecstatic that her favourite show EK Duje Ke Vaaste is coming back on air. The show has a lot of importance in her life. “That’s my show because this show has got me into Bombay. I was so connected to it and now it’s coming back and so it’s a very happy moment for me. I’m enjoying and looking forward to it. Like I said, I am in Bombay because of that show. Even I couldn’t have thought but it happened. They call it destiny. I loved the show and came to Mumbai because of it.

Meanwhile, Mou is prepping for a digital movie. The producer is concentrating on casting at the moment. “Preparations for the digital movie are going really well. Since my characters are very performance-based and we are shooting it internationally, so I’m personally looking into very good artists. We have extended the auditions more and we’ll have some more rounds,” she says.

Ask her how she likes living in Mumbai, and she says, “It’s been very good because I was a workaholic in my hometown. Here also, I am working the same way and I am loving it. My digital movie is going on and I am learning how this Industry works, how movies and shows are made so I am enjoying what I’m doing here.”

In fact, she loved the recently Ganpati celebrations in Mumbai. “People say that Mumbai monsoon is very good but it was too much of rain for me. I went to Lal Baugh with my mom for Ganpati. I visited Lal Baugh for the first time and I had a very good Ganpati celebration there. I enjoyed every moment of this festival like sweets, meeting people, people coming to my place,” she says.

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