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Shweta Rohira: This year my Ganpati will come on a moon!

Mumbai(WhatsApp- 9372086563). Actor Shweta Rohira has big plans this Ganpati. She plans to keep Ganpati at home for a few days amid much celebration. “This year my Ganpati is coming on a moon as we have our selves gone on the moon with Chandrayaan 2. For me, Ganpati celebration is all about being grateful to Bhagwan Ganpati and to receive his blessings in the form of Riddhi (success), Siddhi (spirituality) and Buddhi (wisdom) to have a happy and peaceful existence each day,” she says, adding, “Ganpati Bappa will be coming for a stayover for one night and two days. He will be staying at my art studio.”

The actor makes sure to get eco-friendly idols every year. “We always get eco-friendly Ganeshas. Just because of our rituals and celebrations, we shouldn’t harm our Mother Earth. I think the best thing about Bhagwan Ganpati is that he has blessed me with the talent to create him in the form of paintings, and every painting that I have created of him is loved by everybody,” she says.

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