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Kranti Prakash Jha: Ganpati has bought unimaginable happiness in my life!

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is very significant for actor Kranti Prakash Jha. While he doesn’t host a Ganpati at home, he makes sure to visit his friends who do so. “I start with my society’s pooja then go to my friend Rajesh Kumar’s place every year. In the evening, I visit many places and have loads of sweets. Somehow, I have never managed to get a Ganpati at home, unfortunately. But I feel that Ganapati ji has brought happiness and positivity in my life as he is known as dukh-harta sukh-karta. Ganesh Chaturthi also starts the festive season which brings lots of excitement in the heart,” he says.

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