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Independence Day….

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563). Independence Day is right around the corner and this is what our favourite TV actors want to say avout patritism and their love for the country.

Rehaan Roy….. Independence is a feeling and this can not be limited to only one day. Though on 15th August, we all celebrate Independence Day, somehow we forget to celebrate that same feeling the next day or the other days and that’s a problem. I feel we all take our Independence for granted. We often forget how the freedom fighters fought for our country in which we are living freely today. I always have the highest respect for all the freedom fighters of our country. “Dil diya hai jaan bhi denge aye watan tere liye “used to be my favourite patriotic song. However recently “aye watan watan mere abaad rahe tu” from the movie Raazi is my favourite patriotic song.

Ankitta Sharma 
I believe that patriotism can also be related to humanity. I feel helping someone from our country is also a form of patriotism. If you can make ten people smile a day that is also patriotism in a way,  that is how I function in my life. Only waving flags doesn’t make you a patriotic person. If we become a good human being our country will also be recognized for it and India is already known for it,  the warmth and love. I think we should promote talent as well as India is really wealthy when it comes to talent. India really has it to be the number one country in the world. The song and the lyrics are beautiful, they have defined India in a very beautiful way. How much ever I travel to different countries the feel I get in India is the best. I feel India is the best country.

Avinash Mishra
For me patriotism is not only holding the flag on that day or putting a badge on T-shirt, I feel education is very important if we really want to see our country on top let’s make sure that each and everyone is aware of the importance of education. If the illiteracy rate goes down ultimately our country will grow. One more thing I would like to add our Bollywood star Akshay Kumar Sir and his team have started a website which is a platform to share your love and respect towards Indian army by donating some money for army families. So it’s my humble request from all people to go through this site and help our INDIAN ARMY. 

Aastha Chaudhary
I agree on this that the feeling of patriotism only comes up during 15th August and 26th January. You will see people selling flags on road but the next day the same flags are seen thrown on the road. The problem here is that we forget what we have to do to be a good citizen. I feel that if we genuinely want to do something for the country then you should work with honesty,  value your army force and love and respect each other with heart. There is a saying be a citizen worth time for,  so if our soldiers are fighting for us on the border let them feel that yes this is worth doing. My favourite patriotic song is Teri Mitti from the film Kesari,  the lyrics are beautiful. Whenever I listen to it I get emotional.

Anupama Solanki 
As we all know India was known as sone ki chidiya because our country was that powerful and I feel once again we are ready to be the most powerful country as the new generation or the youth has that potential in them to make it to the top. My favourite patriotic song is Jab Zero diya mere Bharat ne.

Subuhi Joshi 
To make India the best country in the world, we should start from ourselves. We will have to take some basic steps first of all. In my opinion, we can’t change everything overnight. So first of all everyone should follow some basic rules to improve our locality and our society. We should not give or take bribe.No spitting or littering here and there and a strict no to dowry should be encouraged. We should raise our voice against any crime taking place in front of our eyes. We must cast our vote and pay tax regularly. There is no harm to go abroad to learn new technology or for higher education, but its our duty towards our motherland to come back and serve her. We should not discriminate people based on their gender, caste or religion. I believe that we can’t progress and achieve supremacy unless our neighbourhood, our society and our states are not developed. Aye mere vatan ke logon, zara aankh mei bhar lo paani would be my all-time favourite patriotic song

Arun Mandola 
First we have to stop fighting about Hindu -Muslim, other countries are enjoying this fight and we are losing people, reputation , finance and relationship. The patriotism should not be only for 1 day. We should learn patriotism from China, they have unity and they are very dedicated to their country thats why they do not use outside. products.Facebook ,Twitter, Watsapp is banned in China and there are lots of thing that we have to learn from China. I dont feel shame to learn from Enemies if they are doing some good things. Mera Rang de Basanti Chola is my favourite patriotic song.

Ansh Bagri 
We should make education available to everyone there is still a lot of illiteracy in the country. We live in a metro city hence we assume that everyone is educated. Free education should be there for everyone. We have been talking of free education for years but still, it is not implemented. My favourite patriotic song is Mile sur mera tumhara because it reflected what India is all about. 

Shivin Narang 
India has to work on creating more employment opportunities. We have been talking of employment issue since ages but still, unemployment is rampant. My favourite patriotic song is Ae Watan from the film Raazi.

Angad Hasija 
I agree that people only feel patriotic on 15 August. But these days like Independence day,  friendship day,  valentines day,  etc doesn’t really matter to me, it’s just the trend. I feel every day should be independence day or friendship day, etc. To make India the best country, people should work on small things like cleanliness. We should start it by ourselves. Even these days people don’t think before planning a family, they have 4-5 kids just because they are not having a son. So I feel we should educate people about this and improve our living and after that even if we don’t wish happy independence day it’s fine. Putting it on social media and wishing independence day won’t really help,  I feel people should follow rules and regulations to make India a better place. My favourite patriotic song is Rang de Basanti.

Tinaa Dattaa….India needs to be corruption and pollution-free. We are addressing the issue since ages still corruption and pollution both exist abundantly. Strict action should be taken for defaulters. My favourite song is Ae Mere Vatan Ke logo sung by Lata Mangeshkar. The song brings tears in my eyes each time I hear it.

Malhar Pandya
We all are already proud of being Indians. I feel our country is the best country because our culture is beautiful. There are people who are projecting our culture in the wrong way, but if that is stopped, then I feel there would not be a better country than India. My favourite patriotic song is of course ‘Mera Rang De Basanti’ from Ajay Devgan’s film on the Bhagat Singh.


TV frat celebrates revoking of Section 370 in Jammu & Kashmir

Mumbai (WhatsApp- 8302755688) The revoking of Section 370 in the state of Jammu & Kashmir has created quite a stir in the country, with people applauding the move. Here is what these TV actors have to say about this.

Amit Sarin : Article 370 was a temporary solution implemented by prime minister Jawahar Lal Nehru to make the transition of partition easier. 70 years passed by to change the temporary solution. I hope the government  realizes the intricacies of it and ensures that revoking the article 370 will help to change the lives of Jammu and Kashmir’s people without any blood shed. Time will test the decision of modi government.
Aastha Chaudhary: I am very happy right now, it’s a historical step and I just hope it doesn’t create hatred in people. Kashmir has always been part of the country but now it’s official. I want to give love to Kashmir and accept them as a family now. We should live like a big happy family  Also, this will boost the economy and outsiders will be able to invest there and do business, which is good for the residents there. Let there be peace and no riots or violence. 
Ssharad Malhotra: The revoking of article 370 is a good move. Kashmir is the most beautiful place which we have grown up watching in films. When people invest, the economy will change and there will be more employment, and I am sure tourism will also increase. 
Tinaa Dattaa: Each and every person who lives out of Kashmir thinks of holidaying in Kashmir. It will be a very good place to live after retirement, who doesn’t want to enjoy nature. The new move will generate new interest in Kashmir and I am sure security and safety will also increase and I wish shooting in Kashmir becomes as easy as shooting in film city. 
Ira Sone: It’s a big step and a master stroke. I think the government has walked their talk and this decision, in my opinion, is going to help the unemployment and deal with violence issues in Jammu and Kashmir. 
Amal Sehrawat: Everyone is addressing this ‘step’ as a historic one. But honestly, for me, it will become historic or relevant the day all the bloodshed stops. The day every civilian and every army personnel is safe. Have always been praying for J&K, now will be hoping for humanity to end the pain.
Mrunal Jain: Scrapping of article 370 was overdue, it is a historic move. Mr Modi and Amit Shah have taken a bold step, it proves that nothing is impossible. Kashmir has suddenly come into focus and it will lead to a better future of people living in Kashmir. 
Shashank Vyas: It’s a long due historic step and this day would be marked as an important day in the history of our nation, a step that was pending since decades has now officially taken place. I am happy that we are now a big family and that everyone will be treated equally. I wish and pray for peace and harmony. 

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Mumbai (WhatsApp- 9372086563) Aastha Chaudhry,  Helly Shah, Ira Sone,  Subuhi Joshi, Jasmin Bhasin, Shubhaavi Choksey and Ankitta Sharma are enjoying monsoons. Monsonos are here to stay lnoger this time. Every one of them is running around either for shoot or meetings. As they say the show must go on!


Friendship Day: TV actors get candid about their most loved friendships

Friendship Day is around the corner and our favourite TV actors talk about their best friends….

Shubhaavi Choksey: I don’t have one best friend, I have 4-5 best friends who have been with me for ages. One is my school friend Mithila, who is my everything. She has moved to Singapore. The second one is Sushma, I met her when I was 17 years old and we all call her Munandi. She is at least 10 years older to me but looks 15 years younger than me. She is like my mother, my sister and my best friend. Next is Zuzo, I met him in college when I was 18. He is my husband’s best friend and my best friend also. He is our common best friend for 17 years. I met Adaa at the age of 23 and she is still my best friend. My husband and I started off as friends and he is my friend for 12 years. My stylist has become a very close friend of mine as well. Reema Shah and I know each other for 9 years.

Anupama Solanki: Everyone needs a good friend in life. My mother has always said that a good friend is equal to God and I feel my best friend is my mom. I share everything with her. I have very limited friends and I think I don’t need anyone else as well. I am very lucky that God gave me ‘mother-friend-god, 3 in 1 package.

Subuhi Joshi: I’d say I’ve two best friends, Iqbal and Vishal. I met Iqbal in 2013 while shooting for a show, he was the creative there. Somehow, we connected so well that even after the show went off air, our friendship grew stronger. Then he introduced me to this super funny guy named Vishal in 2014. They both were friends and used to chill, later three of us started gelling so well, that our trio became inseparable. The best thing which both of them mutually taught me was to be self-sufficient. They’ve always advised me to have faith on myself and to not be dependent on anybody for anything, which is a really important thing to learn nowadays. I always think about what I would do without them, I don’t open up easily in front of people. Hence, I’ve very a few friends. But having these two is a blessing, we all fight too but at the end, we always unite. It’s so important to have a best friend, lucky me, I’ve two of them.
Amal Sehrawat: My son Krishay is my best friend. The day he was born, it was the most special day of my life and I am so grateful to God for this precious gift. He has taught me to live every moment to fullest and never carry any baggage. One moment he is angry and next moment he forgets it and is so cool as if nothing happened.
Tinaa Dattaa: I have two best friends, who have been my constants, one is Moneesha Das and the other one is Aneri Desai. I know them for years now and its very weird and funny how I met them. We met through common friends who now we are not in touch with with. But we are best friends, so that’s amazing. I met Aneri through a friend. I had gone for New Years party at their place and there I met Aneri. We were travelling for Tomorrow Land and Aneri and I had to share a room. Initially, I did not wanted to share the room but our common friend Vikas told me that she is an amazing girl. I thought I should give it a shot and trust me, from then onwards, we became the best of friends, which we never thought. I met Moneesha also through a common friend. Moneesha had come to Mumbai and we partied at my place. She staying back and we shared a lot of things. We spoke the entire night and we stayed in touch and eventually became best friends.
Ira Sone: My best friend Joyce and I have been friends for 12 years. She was my first friend when I moved to Mumbai and has been my constant support. We met at a job interview and clicked instantly. She’s my biggest critic and my well wisher, who’s always been by my side. We share a crazy sister bond, I think it’s very important to have a friend who isn’t scared to tell you your flaws and once in a while, do crazy things with you and let loose from daily routine. I’m glad I have mine.
Sahil Anand: My first best friend is in US and it’s been 5 years since he has not come to India. Recently, my best friend is Aryamann Seth. You always learnt from your best friends and even teach them new things. Friendship is part of learning and teaching, so I learn a lot of good things from him. We have many things in common. I think my best friend is very important as you have so many things in life which you cannot just share with anyone but best friend and get advice from them. There are friends who are not there at your bad times, so make sure that you have friends who are there in your good as well as bad times, and the ones who are there at both are your best friends. It’s very difficult to choose best friends but when your heart says that he is that one friend and you know you love him then you should go for him and do things out of way for him.

Jasmin Bhasin: My best friend is Pankaj, I met him through a friend when I came in Mumbai 6 years back. The best thing I learnt from him is how to provide unconditional love to everyone. There are times when I get busy and I ignore things but I know he is always there for me. I can ignore myself but he can never ignore me so I love him so much and I know he will be there for me anytime forever. Having a best friend or a good set of friends is very important because friends are like cushions, during your difficult time you fall back on them. They provide you all the support and comfort. So, I feel it’s really important emotionally to have a friend.
Ankitta Sharma: My best friend’s name is Aanchal Puri, we were neighbours and then we ended up going to the same school and eventually to the same college so we have spent a lot of time over the years. I have learnt patience from her, she has a lot of patience. I don’t really believe in the best friend concept but friendships really matter. Like family, friendship is equally important to us. There are so many things one cannot share with their family, only friends can understand it.
Rehaan Roy: I have many friends. But if we are talking about best friend, then I think it has to be my pet ‘Murphy’. His love for me is unconditional. I think he can understand my emotions, when I’m happy or when I’m sad, without even understanding my words. And that’s what a real friendship is all about.
Malhar Pandya: Arpit, Ritesh and Keyur are my childhood friends, they are not here but in Ahmedabad. They have never let me feel that I am alone in Mumbai as every day they call and ask about me. If I am not able to call them then they call me and I never feel that we are distant from each other. Friends are those with whom you can share everything. Whenever you make a mistake, they are there to listen and you feel light. I am very glad to have friends like Arpit Patel, Ritesh Paras, Keyur Soni. I have learned many things from them. From Arpit, I have learned to stay calm. Secondly, in everyone’s life, there are a lot of calculations like how to save money, I have learned it from Ritesh. To be happy in life, in every situation is what I have learned from Keyur.
Ansh Bagri: I have 2-3 people, who are my good friends and I feel that having friends is very important in our lives. I have a best friend whose name is Krishan Chauhan, he was my first ever friend and he always encouraged me. I was 14 years old and it is that time of life where having good friends are really very important. If I would have had some other friend then he would not have encouraged me enough like him and I would have become negative in the initial stage. Krishan has supported me in every way and because of him, my base became strong. It is very important in teenage to have a good company. I am thankful to God that I got such a good friend and I was saved from getting with the negative people. If we don’t have good friends than there are many things in life which we would not be able to do as we live with our family only for hours but with friends, we share everything, so the person with whom you share things should be good. Friendship is like a connection with the heart as when you become friends you feel that.
Aniruddh Dave: My actor friend Gautam Singh I know from a long time. We connect as we are from theatre background only. He writes also. We ge lcreatively in every sense of the word. You need like minded people to go ahead in life.

Aniruddh Dave: My actor friend Gautam Singh I know from a long time. We connect as we are from theatre background only. He writes also. We ge lcreatively in every sense of the word. You need like minded people to go ahead in life.


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